The National Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association was established in Nottingham in 2004. By late 2007 there were several members spread over the area covering Essex, London, Kent and Sussex. These members eventually got together and as there was enough interest to arrange a group to cover the area, the decision to create a South East Chapter was made.


The South East Chapter was awarded its Charter in April of 2008.


The Chapter gradually grew and in 2010 it organised and held the first Widows Sons MBA National Rally at Chiddingly, near Eastbourne in East Sussex. It was a great success and the other Chapters spread across the UK now take it in turns to hold the rally each year, thus making it a truly National Rally.


As with all clubs and associations the success is linked to the dedication of its management and support of its membership. Applications for membership are now being received from all the counties forming the South East of England, making the Chapter quite a challenge to manage. But in true Masonic fashion the support from its membership is outstanding.


So the Chapter grows rapidly.


In fact the Widows Sons Nationally has also gone from strength to strength with several new Chapters being formed across the country.


Members of The Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association can seen across the country raising money for many charitable causes in their own right and supporting other motorcycling groups who are also thinking of others. Village and town events have also benefited and Masonic bikers have helped to make the community become more aware of what Freemasonry does for everyone.


Watch this space!